Veterinary Efforts in Giving to Animals

VETEGA at the Wag It Forward fundraiser event hosted by Pet Food Warehouse

Helping Injured and Ownerless Animals in Lamoille County

What does that mean?

Ownerless Animals: The ones without a voice

Stray cats and dogs have nobody to advocate for them. When they are injured or in need, who cares for them? We partner with local veterinarians to provide funding for these animals and their medical needs. When they are ready, we help to place them into adoptive homes.

Unexpected Injuries and Illness: Helping our community

Pet insurance, contingency funds, and financing options like Care Credit and Scratchpay are the best way to handle the unexpected, but not always accessible to everyone. For those with proven financial need, we provide grants for up to $500 to help cover the costs of care when emergencies and the unexpected happen. Our partner veterinarians match a portion of all grants.

Keeping it local and lasting

VETEGA strives to make a direct impact on our community by limiting grants to Lamoille County pets and partnering with organizations like the Clarina Howards Nichols center and Lamoille Valley Veterinary Services, who provide services to adoptable patients at a discounted rate and match a portion of all grants for their care.

While $500 is often not enough to cover costs of emergency care, we limit this to keep the fund going. Charitable pet care organizations fail and run dry at a high rate due to the range of need for funding. We aim to help more patients by keeping our grants at a set amount. We operate 100% with volunteers and zero overhead costs. Every dollar donated goes to the animals.

VETEGA also accepts owner-surrendered cats for medical care and adoption in limited circumstances that prevent unnecessary euthanasia. Life throws curveballs – we do our best to help.

Every dollar of your donation goes directly to the animals